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1. RESPECT for everyone is absolute. There is to be no bashing, flaming, bullying, or any other form of persecution here. Violators of this rule will be expelled from the group at once and blocked, so please lets all get along okay. :)
2. All of Deviant Art's rules and regulations apply in this group.
3. There is to be absolutely NO art theft, or copyright violations of any kind. Violators will be expelled from the group, blocked, and reported to the admins of Deviant Art.
4. Please HAVE FUN!!! This is also a high priority rule and an official decree from Emperor Dajjal himself.


Vegeta has been assassinated after a long and grueling battle with a Saiyan who was seemingly born to be a legend. With his younger brother by his side, a 30 yr old Dajjal claimed victory and vengeance in a two man rampage across the Saiyan home-world.
However the demise of Vegeta was not be Dajjal's only claim to the right to preside over his people. There was one more loose end to clip, and unbeknownst to the veracious warlord that loose end was approaching the planet at high speed. Frieza had come to commit his most barbarous act of all, the complete genocide of the Saiyan race.

Meanwhile a single Third class warrior with the power to foresee the future was speeding skyward with a singular purpose. To end the tyranny of Frieza, and avert the utter devastation of his race. This lone warrior was Bardock and with the spirits of his murdered crew granting him power, he stormed the massive army that lay between himself and destiny. finally Bardock reached the tyrant's ship from which the overlord slowly emerged. Unfazed by Frieza's ominous arrival the Saiyan charged a finishing blast and launched it at his target. Frieza merely lifted a single finger which held a minute speck of glowing ki, that speck soon grew to a mammoth sphere. With a subtle gesture of his finger Frieza had unleashed his all consuming Death Ball upon Bardock and what remained of his own forces. The Saiyan as well as Frieza's henchmen were incinerated to ashes.

On the planet's surface, Dajjal and his brother Jedah sensed the impending danger and rushed outside to find the trembling cityscape of Planet Vegeta, and above them the incoming harbinger of their demise. The two brothers standing side by side unleashed their Super Saiyan powers for all their brethren to behold, and together they focused their powers into a concentrated beam of energy that upon contact with the Death Ball slowly but surely began to push it back along its own trajectory. Back on the ship; Frieza observed his own attack gaining speed as it came closer and closer. He ordered all engines full reverse, but too late. The icy tyrant, his men, and his ship were enveloped and destroyed in the holocaust meant for others.

In the coming days the Saiyan people would recognize Dajjal as their new king, however Dajjal retorted that he would not carry the title of a decadent monarchy that obediently followed such a worm as Frieza. Instead there would be a new era of Saiyan dominance in the universe, with Dajjal as their Emperor. They would rend and conquer creation itself. A spontaneous cry of HAIL EMPEROR rang out from the masses of the mightiest race in the universe, saved from oblivion and free to rain down glorious chaos across the cosmos.


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I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and will have a safe and happy New Year. this group is off to a far better start than I ever thought it would be, Id like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whose joined our members roster, and other groups on DA who have affiliated with us to make the group stronger; but this is merely the beginning. I hope in the very near future to plan various contests and tournaments with the aid of my co-founders who are hard working and wonderful people. Well my friends thats all for now, please keep the artwork coming and God bless.
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Seems like a cool group, but it doesn't look like it's updated in a while?
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I havent really had time to work on it like I should, but hopefully I will in the coming weeks.
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all hail empepor dajjal the strongest in the universe
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Lionman: yet he has been defeated 2 times in an world martial art tournament
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can i join ?
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Certainly. :)
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